Saturday, December 1, 2012

A Commie Song for "The Climate"

A friend emails:

In September, approximately 80.000 Belgians sang a song "for the climate". The initiative, "Sing For The Climate", was started by a local filmmaker and calls for the government to take action against climate change.

    Their website:

It's the usual collectivist, statist propaganda disguised as benevolence. The initiative got a lot of attention from the State-sponsored TV  and Radio channels.

"Sing for the climate" was followed by "Sing @ school", whereby 300.000 had to sing the "Sing For The Climate"-song at school.

Two days ago, they released their final videoclip... In Parliament.

The title of the song is "Do it now", but the music isn't original. It's an adaptation of an Italian communist partisan hymn, "Bella Ciao".

Bella Ciao is one of the most popular songs at festivals and meetings of communist youth brigades and according to some, Brezhnev's
favorite song. 


  1. Only faces ever change. The song remains the same.

  2. Faces don't change either... they all have that unthinking expression of religious fanatics.

  3. What a beautiful misguided people.

    All I heard them singing was:

    We need to kill ourselves
    To save the planet
    Even though it's been
    Through far much more
    Than some stupid plastic bottles and styrofoam

    The people left living
    Will be very happy
    Without sanitation
    And all the modern conveniences
    Capitalism has built

  4. Whoever coined the term "Watermelon" was right on target !

  5. These will be the same people bitching when they can't afford to buy food at the local market as a result of the destructive energy policies they unwittingly seek. If you want a horrible future follow your heart and support this stupidity and ignore the fact the everything you enjoy in your life is the result of one energy.

    The irony is that Alternative energy is probably the only thing that can save western civilization from the decline it faces, but it can only do that if it is superior both in efficiency and price to highly efficient and inexpensive fossil fuels. Competition with fossil fuels is what will drive it to that point but sadly its shallow thinkers like these people that will retard the development process as they will use government to kill its competition.

    BTW, their opening with children kind of sums up the thinking behind this song. After-all, we know that when it comes to understanding complex problems children are the best people to consult.

  6. Funny I could sing exactly the same song with the opposite meaning. Time for people like these people to wake- no more fantasy. The world's climates have always changed. The situation now is not unusual. The same type of control freaks are trying to destroy your world and enrich themselves. Time to build a better future.

  7. It anit about climate or energy it is about control and power.

    How ever bad Americans think the American empire is the American Empire aint got nothing on what Europeans are capable of.

    The corpse count throughout the last 100 yrs alone due to Europeans acting in the collective good is staggering. As things get worse in Europe their better collect future the beginning will involve the utter subjection of those who refuse join the circus.

  8. I can't really disagree. They do need to wake up and wise up...

  9. wandered in here on accident, so I'll give some fodder for you all. Your kids are going to be really upset with you. I don't understand how you denialist types can still say this is not a problem when you have groups like the world bank, hardly a leftie organization, saying we're headed for climate catastrophe.

    1. You're thinking along the lines of the fake left/right line when in reality this is about liberty vs the State.

      Communists, World Bank, IPCC,... they are all working towards the same goal: more power to the State, less power for individuals. It doesn't matter how they try to package and sell their actions or what their own personal goals are, the end result of their proposed actions is the same: statism.