Sunday, December 16, 2012

Ayn Rand and MLM?

Wow, Doug Wead isn't afraid to throw out names or movements to justify MLM.

At his site, promoting his diet milkshake, he writes:
If you think making a profit is bad, you need to read again Atlas Shrugged.
Last I looked, Rand was about building products from trains to magnificent buildings, not John Galt  trying to hustle Dagny Taggart to buy diet milkshakes.

Wead then tells us the liberty movement itself is perfect for MLM.

Why is this suited for the Liberty Movement?
They are young and some of the most dynamic millionaires in network marketing were young.  John Crowe did this in his twenties and thirties.  Same for Mitch Sala and James Vaghy.  And the Liberty folks live online.  The new network marketers recruit online.  And they are activists.  They don't sit still.  And they want freedom.  The freedom to volunteer for a campaign.  Now is the time for them to make money before the next election cycle heats up.  
Look, if you "live online," don't waste it developing a chain of diet milkshake hustlers. That's just the art of selling goods at extra high prices and getting people in your "chain" to do the same. Thankfully, it's not coercive, but it is flaky, and it shouldn't be linked with the liberty movement in any way. I have generally thought of it as an area where sheep go to be led.

If you spend a lot of time on you computer, you are much better off poking around the internet and learning a skill that people will eventually pay you big for in up and coming sectors, or developing your own product in up and coming sectors.  3-D printing, robotics, and advanced materials are going too be big. The next Steve Jobs is likely to come out of one of these areas, but just remember Silicon Valley was always much bigger than just Jobs. There are hundreds of thousands who are very successful in the computer and internet sector. The same is going to occur in  3-D printing, robotics, and advanced materials. Do whatever drives you, make better products and services and you will be well compensated. If you are looking for a sector to enter and are geeky, these new sectors are areas to look at. Leave the MLM milkshake hustling to Wead.


  1. While MLM may not be everyone's cup of tea, the value of individual products and services is subjective.

    Salesmanship, promotion and advertising are legitimate and valued skills in the marketplace.

    MLM is simply a method of marketing products and services. To lump all MLM products and services into the box of "overpriced" is to commit the logical fallacy of generalization.

  2. Replies
    1. multi level marketing:

      Its basically a system of signing people up to sell garbage no one wants, but then those people sign up more people to sell the junk etc. Like any scam, if you get in on the top, you make a lot of money. Otherwise, you just work really hard making someone else a lot of money.

      Its always a scam system and they always peddle scam products.

    2. That basically explains the Mutual Fund "financial adviser" industry.

      Crap products that never beat the market, sold by crap salesmen who work on commission, chewed up and spat out.

  3. Multi-Level Marketing...

    While I began reading this article and saying "Wenzel, get off the high horse." I finally came to the conclusion after watching a few videos and poking around that this is nothing more than a standard MLM scheme using the Liberty Movement to pull in more cash.

    But hey! This is the market and I will abstain from these products and vote with my money elsewhere.

  4. Most people say- MLM is a scam. If MLM is a scam as a whole, then the United States would of made it illegal.Back in the 70s they tried that, but then realized that their are more legit MLM's that are not scams. Businesses got started this way like AVON, AMWAY etc. Legit MLM are made up with network marketing businesses. Its 100 Billion Dollar Industry. There also has been a lot of sucessful business people that has done MLM such as Donald Trump. Do your research before joining a company. thanks, @Miley Morgan

  5. So what you're telling us is:

    His milkshake DOESN'T bring all the boys to the yard?