Sunday, December 2, 2012

Bring Back the $500 Bill

The one hundred dollar bill needs to be supplemented by returning the five hundred dollar bill to circulation.  We will be saving a bundle on printing the one hundred dollar notes because people will be using the larger bill more often...
The failed Drug War is what’s prevented larger denomination notes.  Big Brother wants to detect large amounts of currency easier.  The larger denomination bills would enable drug dealers to better hide their cash.  The Drug War was lost long ago and the world morgues have been over-flowing as a result of the related violence.  The loss of privacy, liberty and lives through violence has cost America far more than the drugs themselves.  Of course despite billions wasted on the Drug War we still have more illicit drugs on our streets than ever.
Far too many of those fascist bastards running our government want to eliminate cash.  They want to eliminate any and all privacy with government issued debit smart cards.  They want every American’s purchases, locations and amounts spent tracked.  That fits right in with airport cavity searches and regular warrantless home searches by bucket helmeted, boot wearing and armed government thugs. I for one will never adapt to that tyranny and will die fighting it first. 


  1. It won't be be too long before we simply start slapping zeroes on to the end of our current Fed reserve note denominations........collective courtesy of our two buffone political parties.

  2. Aside from the tongue and cheek tone, and some of the labels being thrown around, there are practical reasons for bringing back 500 dollar note. Look at the Euro, you can find those purple bills in like form.

    At first, due to developing technology, use of high denomination notes rapidly declined, none were printed above 100 since the 40‘s. While they were being gradually removed from circulation through the 50‘s and 60‘s, it wasn’t until 1971ish, that, in part to combat ‘underworld crime,’ they were to be removed from circulation. But, to even accept that, which has limited effect agreed, for all of us, a 100 dollar bill bought a lot more in 1971 than today. Sure, use of 10k or 5k bills might have limited practical effect. But, in ordinary commerce, a 500 note, maybe even 1,000 is practical. You go rent an apartment or house, with deposit (often then want cash at first), could run a couple, three thousand easily. Those 100‘s don’t fit in the billfold as easy as 1/5 the 500‘s would. Pick up your car from being worked on, here again, sometimes the 100‘s don’t fit in the wallet well. These are everyday purchases, debts paid, in cash by all of us.

    The IRS would like to ‘see’ all commerce happening, when and where and cash makes that harder. But, there is also the rise of debit cards, that ordinary folks are opting for over the physical currency. It’s convenient. Personally, not a fan of debit cards, but no government agency is ‘pushing them’ on me, it’s just that those around me are more CHOOSING them.