Friday, December 28, 2012

Business Insider: Taxes Need to Be Raised

Business Insider, co-founder, CEO and Editor-In Chief, Henry Blodget loves government so much that he wants to take more of your money and give it to the state. He writes:
We DO have a spending problem.
And if we are ever to get our budget deficit under control, we need to trim long-term spending growth.
But blaming the whole deficit problem on "spending" ignores the other half of the problem: Taxes.
Our federal tax revenue right now is historically low.
To begin to address our deficit problem, therefore, we need to trim spending growth and increase taxes.
Note: No discussion by Blodget of the coercive nature of taxes. No discussion of the bureaucratic machine that is fed by tax money. Just a call for increased taxes. Hey Henry, I have a great idea. In 2013, I am thinking of leeching off the government and grabbing every penny I can.. So let's eliminate the bureaucratic paperwork and middlemen and send a check directly to me in the amount of what you have determined you want to pay in higher taxes.


  1. Naturally there are no specific areas where spending cuts are warranted.

  2. who gives a shit what he says? he was a criminal, was he not?

  3. I, too, am in favor of higher taxes on Henry Blodgett. And anyone else who wants them.

  4. Note Blodget's carefully worded comments to reduce and trim "spending growth" and specifically he states "long term spending growth." He doesn't state anything about actual current spending and it's contribution to current deficits and debt.