Sunday, December 30, 2012

Corporate Frauds Watch on Doug Wead

A profile on Doug Wead, who is currently attempting to turn the liberty movement into a milkshake selling MLM, has been brought to my attention.

In the fascinating report, Corporate Frauds Watch recounts Wead's secret recording of George W. Bush and his leaking of some of those recordings to NYT. The report goes on to say:
It seems that, in 2005, the 'Amway' racketeer, Doug Wead, was trying to send a powerful message to George W. Bush and the Republican party leadership. No one (apart from George W. Bush) knows what else was lurking in Wead's collection of tapes[...] Indeed, George W. Bush appointed one of 'Amway's' own attorneys  Timothy Muris, to Chair the US Federal Trade Commission.
The report also includes background on Wead's attempt to hustle Amway in Eastern Europe, by promoting the idea that Amway was a great way to make money in the newly free Eastern Europe . It sounds not too different from Wead's current attempt to get those in the liberty movement to "earn a little money" via milkshake sales, before political activity picks up in a couple of years.

Read the full highly critical report here. (Note the report is obviously written by someone for whom English is a second language, but the facts are what is important in the report.)

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  1. Well, well. So we can't take money from government welfare handouts, that would be bad, we can't work as slaves for $7 an hour for the crony capitalists like MacDonalds and now we can't even build a network marketing business with fellow Liberty friends. Well, I say, hurrah for Isagenix or Amway or any other enterprise that allows a person to chart their own course. Is it a hard thing to do? Sure. Is it uncomfortable trying to recruit others who don't need the money or don't want to be bothered? I'm sure it is. But then being poor ain't so hot either.