Monday, December 3, 2012

Did the CIA Kill Gold Dealer Nicholas Deak?

Lew Rockwell links to a story at Salon this morning on new speculation that the crazed woman who killed gold dealer/currency changer Nicholas Deak, may have been programmed via mind control to do the killing. I have reported on this story before (see here and here).

There is a very remarkable similarity between the murder of Deak and currency dealer Edmund Safra. What's most interesting is that Safra got the goods on American Express trying to tarnish his name as a money launderer. American Express was forced to take out a full page ad in the Wall Street Journal apologizing. Deak was also smeared as money launderer, while Safra was killed by a crazed employee.

If you overlay the businesses and deaths of Deak and Safra, they fit identically. I suspect that American Express is/was used by the CIA as a front organization to post agents in locations around the world. (Henry Kissinger was on the board of Amex)

Interesting side note:

Deak's secretary was also killed by the crazed woman. The husband of the secretary was a special agent for the IRS. This may mean nothing or it could mean a lot. Was the secretary actually also an IRS agent? A lot of people would have used Deak to hide funds that were not reported to the IRS, was she monitoring that activity?


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