Sunday, December 23, 2012

Doug Wead Hustles Milkshakes with Ronnie Paul

LOL. This is quite the interview (below). I only listened to the first 7 minutes, but we learn a few things. Doug Wead doesn't like to talk about the fact that he helped both George H. W. Bush and George W. Bush  get elected. It's the first question the show host asks and Wead completely ignores the question---something Ron Paul would never do in politics (a much tougher game).

Wead, instead, brings up Ronald Reagan and Amway.

The second thing we learn is that Ronnie Paul seems to be a pretty decent guy. He's a straight shooter like his dad, but seems to be in way over his head with master hustler Wead. Ronnie tells us that he has tried the milkshake and he has lot some weight, but that he has no idea about whether you can make money selling them.


  1. I bet he was bristling when the Bushes were brought up.

  2. Wead said he made 20K in his second month. I wonder if that's the same 20K he took out of the RP presidential campaign for "media expense" in November?

  3. LOL what a con man! His doctor was smiling and wanted to write down the scam company's name? HAHAHA