Thursday, December 20, 2012

Ecuador Central Bank President Resigns After Admitting Fake Degree

WSJ reports:

The president of Ecuador’s central bank, Pedro Delgado, resigned late Wednesday after admitting he faked having a university degree.
Mr. Delgado, a cousin of President Rafael Correa, also resigned from his administrative posts with other state agencies. “I committed an error, a serious error 22 years ago. I made a mistaken decision in order to reach an academic goal. I made mistake and I am paying the price now,” he said.
Couldn't one also argue that Bernanke's degrees are fake, since the "economics" he learned is based on the false methodology of econometrics, that simply attempts to do the impossible and mimic the physical sciences?


  1. I'm not sure you could make the case that Bernanke's degree is fake as easily as you could make the case it's worthless.


    j/k Wenzel

  2. I'm with you. An econometrics degree is fake credentials. Just like a witch doctor academy selling MD certificates. Fakes and fakes. Pretending you know the cures when you don't know a femur from a fever nor a housing bubble from Oprah's rear end.

  3. What this shows is that college degrees (as far as the education component is concerned) are entirely unnecessary. All employers really want to see is the certificate.

  4. You mean to tell me you need a degree to be a crook? A new low or high if you prefer. For twenty two years, and now the sniffling coward repents, not for sculduggery but for lack of paper? Too big to fail and too big to jail is the motto now. These scumbags will never wear stripes and be someone's girlfriend for twenty or odd years. Bernanke and Dymon repent, please?

    1. No, you just need to show you can INFLATE your credentials or resume and then ACT like you're sorry when you're caught.

  5. Econometrics works *if* you can control people. That's why statists love it.