Saturday, December 15, 2012

Hillary Clinton Faints, Suffers Concussion


Update 1

U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton fainted and suffered a concussion, AP is reporting.

Clinton is now "recovering" at her home.

Update 2

CBS State Department correspondent Margaret Brennan reports:

SecClinton dehydrated from stomach bug, fainted & sustained a concussion per StateDept's Philippe Reines


  1. A concussion? She fell on her butt?

  2. I greatly dislike--hate, would probably be a more appropriate word--Hillary Clinton, but how is somebody being sick and hurting herself funny? Why is the woman "recovering" at home rather than simply recovering? Why is this even something a supposed libertarian feels the need to comment on? We can and should criticize government officials like Mrs. Clinton for her actions as a government official. I don't see how mocking her when she falls ill and, literally, falls helps us convince people that the policies Mrs. Clinton espouses are disastrously wrong.

    Then again, Wenzel and the commentariat at EPJ are mostly pathetic children, so I suppose I really shouldn't be surprised...

  3. yet you keep on coming back to read.

  4. Isn't Hillary scheduled to testify on Benghazi next week. Fainting? A concussion? Call me conspiracy nut (guilty as charged!), but it smells fishy to me.

    1. Hey, if it worked for Jesse jackson, Jr. to use a medical excuse to evade his responsibilities or to be held to account.....a doctor's note works every time everywhere.

  5. @ anon 1247:

    Considering this government historically has been lead by the nose by the intelligence services, (foreign assassinations (Allende, General Diem) domestic assassination (Kennedys), and the typical covert criminal operations they conduct (drug and arms running), the matter of high office holders and their sudden loss of health becomes a legitimate source of speculation. We will know its probably true when it is officially denied.

  6. Why is it funny?...

    Why don't ask Hillary why this was so funny:

  7. She sickened , she swooned , we cackled.

    I can laugh at this just like I can laugh at Bush Sr. puking on his dinner guest..... because they're both douche-nozzles.

  8. Note his post is merely pointing out facts. I wont mock her either but I feel as though wenzel is well within bounds to point out when officials conveniently avoid responsibilities like testifying. Not childish just astute.

  9. Sure she did! The world could only be so lucky.......the Bee-aatch!