Saturday, December 15, 2012

Hillary To Head George Soros Foundation?

NYT says it's an option:
Right now, aides and friends say, Hillary Rodham Clinton’s plan looks like this: exit the State Department shortly after Inauguration Day and then seclude herself to rest and reflect on what she wants to do for the next few years. Those who have invited her for 2013 engagements have been told not to even ask again until April or May.
She and her husband would like to buy a house in the Hamptons or upstate New York, several friends said, and Mrs. Clinton will finally have more time for everyday activities like exercise (last summer, between world crises, she was squeezing in 6 a.m. sessions at a pool with a trainer).
She is likely to use her husband’s foundation as at least a temporary perch, several former aides said, and she has been considering a new book — not a painful examination of her failed 2008 presidential bid, as she once proposed, but a more upbeat look at her time as secretary of state.
For the moment, Mrs. Clinton may appear to be a figure of nearly limitless possibility, and her name has come up for prestigious jobs: president of Yale University, head of George Soros’s foundation. 


  1. Hillary is near the top of the list for most disgusting human in the world.

  2. No surprise there! The Clintons--Bill and Hillary--are as big crony capitalists as you'll ever find in politics.

    1. Please......don't equate them as capitalists........crony or otherwise!

  3. I hate to say it, but she's a lock in 2016. Not that it matters...

    I don't know one woman who won't vote for her...

    Jeez, what a godawful country the U.S. has become!