Saturday, December 1, 2012

HOT Rand Paul to Visit Israel Next Month

Yes, there are not enough problems in the United States, Rand Paul is off to the Middle East. Israel will be among his stops (That vote in favor of more sanctions against Iran will help out there.).

David Brody reports:

The Brody File just got an exclusive tip about an important trip Sen. Rand Paul is planning to the Middle East. 
A top advisor to Rand Paul tells us that the senator will travel to Israel and Jordan for the first time to meet with leaders on all sides of the Israeli/Palestinian conflict.
 The trip will be privately funded, and The Brody File has learned that Sen. Paul will be accompanied by Christian and Jewish leaders. The trip is planned for January. They will tour all of the major historical and cultural sites.
Meetings with Benjamin Netanyahu, Ehud Barak, Jordan's King Abdullah, Mahmoud Abbas, and others have been requested. 
Rand Paul is contemplating running for president in 2016 and so this visit to Israel will raise political eyebrows around the country. The trip is being organized by prominent evangelical activist David Lane. It was Lane who approached Paul about touring Israel.

UPDATE: Here's what the Washington Independent had to say last year about the organizer of Rand's trip, David Lane:
 David Lane, the influential California-based activist the New York Times has called “a stealth weapon for the right,” typically avoids the mainstream media spotlight — as he has since the mid-1990s, when he began mobilizing evangelical pastors and their congregations to vote during “Pastor Policy Briefings” and the Texas Restoration Project, which he used to lead...His Iowa briefing is said to have helped former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee secure victory during the state’s Republican caucuses in 2008.

Given his strong ties to presidential hopeful Rick Perry, it may be little surprise that Lane extended an speak at his upcoming AFA-funded pastor briefing in Florida 


  1. Maybe he'll convert.

  2. Is Rand one of those fundies that believes Israel is some type of god (at least that's how fundies treat it)?

    People, look...Israel is NOT the 51st state of the United States. Simple enough for you?

  3. I truly wonder how Rand developed his world view so differently than from his father's. Didn't any of the good Austrian Rothbardian stuff soak in?

    1. Rand is playing the game. I think his worldview is similar to that of his father, but the reality of modern politics makes his statements and actions differ (by several magnitude) from that of his dad.

      I'm not some Rand fanboy- I am souring on him the more Wenzel shows his intellectual dishonesty. But, if he runs for Prez in 2016 I will support him. The fact that we have an Imperial Presidency similar to the Roman Caesars means he could drastically alter the policies of his predecessors.

      I'm not holding out hope for that, but it's possible.

      And it assumes that the US as an entity will exist in 4 years. The way the Federal Reserve is printing, a hyper inflationary event could render the whole thing moot.

    2. "The fact that we have an Imperial Presidency similar to the Roman Caesars means he could drastically alter the policies of his predecessors."

      Any president that might "drastically alter the policies of his predecessors" in any direction other than MORE, will never get to office, or if he does, will not be long for this earth.

  4. And with this, Rand will officially go from Ron Paul-lite to Mitt Romney-lite.

  5. Entry visa requirements for foreigners travelling to the State of Israel:

    1) A completed application, in duplicate
    2) 4 passport-sized photos
    3) Notarized copy of passport
    4) Vote for sanctions against Iran

  6. Like Darth Vader, rand has successfully converted to the dark side.

  7. From AIPAC to AIPANDER, the road to the U.S. Presidency runs through Israel, our 51st state.

  8. Am I the only one who sympathizes with this guy? I wish I could be like the rest you, and stride across the face of the world like a colossus. But alas, I do things daily in my personal and professional life that I would rather not. Anyone got a copy of Nietzsche for dummies that I could borrow?

  9. Maybe he's just going there to get dual citizenship so he can get top security clearance in the US and find out what's going on in DHS, NSA, CIA, FBI, DOD...

  10. The Jews have sold out to Rand Paul!

  11. Don't be too hard on Rand Paul. Like many Christians, he believes that the modern state of Israel is the fulfillment of biblical prophesy, and that U.S. taxpayers are obliged to pay to support the Israeli state.

    He is just one of the fifty million or so Americans that believe that.