Tuesday, December 4, 2012

HuffPo: Elizabeth Warren Wins Senate Banking Committee Seat

Buy more popcorn and watch your wallet.

HuffPo is reporting that according to four sources incoming US senator from Massachusetts, Elizabeth Warren, will be placed on the Senate banking committee.

Warren is a serious interventionist tool of union officials that is absolutely clueless about free markets, banking  and the problems with central banking.


  1. Appoint somebody who knows nothing about free markets and banking to the Senate banking committee? Sounds legit. Just another mile marker passed by America on the road to serfdom.

  2. William K. Black endorsed her, and I know he's an interventionist tool also.

    He helped put over a thousand S&L crooks behind bars in the 1980's.

    I guess that's the wrong approach.



    1. Black has done some good in the world but if you are an economic atheist you have to recognize that old Billy is an MMT'er - - perhaps the most religious of all economic philosophies. These guys believe in all kinds of magic.