Sunday, December 23, 2012

Is Barney Frank About to Become a Member of the Senate?

Right after the first of the year, U.S. Senator from Massachusetts, John Kerry, will be leaving the Senate to join the Obama Administration as Secretary of State. He is expected to fly through confirmation hearings. The Boston Herald is now reporting that Barney Frank, according to Democratic sources, is a leading candidate to get the nod from Gov. Deval Patrick to take Kerry’s seat until a special election this summer.

This, of course, would meet with the approval of the bankster set, as they have owned Frank for years. But, the Boston Herald has a different take:
In a bitter re-election victory speech two years ago, Frank launched a tirade against the Herald, calling the paper “irrelevant.” Can you imagine if Frank now ends up with an interim appointment in the Senate, where he’s not held accountable by voters? The surly sourpuss might even try to pass legislation abolishing all Boston newspapers with “Herald” in the name.
Frank in the Senate would mean the dynamic duo of Frank and Elizabeth Warren from Massachusetts, which might supersede even the California dynamic duo of Barbara Boxer and Diane Feinstien for loopiness. Buy extra popcorn.


  1. Better yet a stiff drink with a strong sedative.

  2. I wouldn't trust Barney Frank to clean my pool. What a loser.