Monday, December 24, 2012

Jews for the Preservation of Firearms

Murray Sabrin emails:

If Jews don't support the right to bear arms, that is, the right to unconditional self defense, then they have not learned anything from history. I support the Second Amendment as a human being, an American, and the son of Holocaust survivors who lost all their family members during WW II. I rest my case.

Happy New Year. Will continue to work for Peace and Prosperity in 2013.


  1. Gary North wrote an article recently defending the 2nd Amendment here: What I learned and what I liked was his point about muskets and how they became the great equalizer between state arsenal and that held by the individual citizen. This balance of power on the battle field is what keeps government in check. No wonder government gangs try to remove assault rifles. Some people enjoy fire power purely for power's sake. Doesn't mean they're going to use them on people.

  2. I dream of a U.S. where gov'mint hands out free AR-15s rather than cell phones.

  3. Murray Sabrin seems to be a great guy. How can you go wrong when Tom Woods and Ron Paul endorsed him for the senate? As a citizen of NJ, I wish he had won.