Friday, December 14, 2012

Murray Rothbard on the Conservative View of Communism

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  1. Communism "endured" because it was being nourished by crony capitalist countries that had developed immense wealth, private property, and thereforce had functioning price systems.

    Antony Sutton estimated that 95% of the Soviet Union's technology came from the West. This statement fully supports Mises scholarship that demonstrated the inability of socialist economies to innovate. American tax-paid food deliveries to Russia, and elsewhere, proved that these people could not feed their population either (or pay for it in trade).

    Murray is right. I don't think Communism would have ever swept the world without the world wars. Even if it did, it would have collapsed much sooner without outside nourishment.

    We're now being nourished by China. Not for much longer. If there will be a collapse of some kind, I hope it's sooner rather than later. Let's get the damn thing over with and have a future.