Thursday, December 27, 2012

Punching Back at Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz

Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz appears to have never found a government propaganda scheme he doesn't like, including the "fiscal cliff crisis."

He is asking his D.C. baristas to write “Come together” on their D.C. customers’ cups. If you get such a cup, I advise you to ask the baristas what "Come together," really means. Ask them if they know that all plans, including going over the cliff result in much greater increases in taxation than spending cuts. Tell them you don't want tax increasing propaganda with your coffee and ask for a clean cup.

Tell them to really live up to their motto.


  1. Sooo, Howard Schultz is a Fascist ape in pants. Shocking.

  2. Take your business elsewhere; there are better cups of coffee to be had more than likely just across the street.

    (N.B. I'm in no way in favor of that "shop small, shop local" protectionist nonsense. If it's good, I'll buy it; I don't care where it's from or who makes it.)

  3. starbucks stand up for states rights as far as gun control. a national day of protest from liberals and yet starbucks did not budge. if a state endorses open or concealed carry starbucks allows this in their stores. my local starbucks manager has a necklace with a rifle in newburgh IN

  4. Part of the reason America is going over a fiscal cliff in the first place is the billions spent on Israel every year. Starbucks funds the IDF directly every time you buy a $4 latte a huge chunk goes towards killing Palestinians. America also spends billions fighting wars for Israel after the Israeli false flag known as 9/11. Wake up and smell the coffee.