Monday, December 24, 2012

Rand Paul: Don't Start Foreign Aid Cuts with Israel

Well, Merry Christmas to Israel.

Senator Rand Paul says he is against foreign aid, but he apparently wants to cut off foreign aid in some kind of order.

The Kentucky Courier-Journal's James R. Carroll reports on an interview he had with Rand:
Paul said that foreign aid cuts “should start with countries who have not been good allies. ... I wouldn’t start with Israel.
“Whether or not we can afford to continue aid to Israel over time? There needs to be discussion with Israel over them being more independent over time.”
The article did not specify what specific countries Rand would cut off first and did not specify how   Rand determines countries to not be "good allies."


  1. "Good allies" in what?
    In illegal wars?

    Also, why not simply cut foreign aid across the board immediately?

    Apparently, in Rand Paul's logic cutting foreign aid isn't about cutting spending PERIOD, but about rewarding or punishing countries.

    This guy is so transparent it's not even funny.

    1. If I were Ron Paul I would simply tell Rand that I refuse to have anything to do with him if he continues down the statist road he's been on. Yes he's his son but he's actively involved in killing other people's sons and daughters, fathers and mothers and I bet that if Ron weren't so damn passive Rand wouldn't feel as comfortable acting in this way. He'd be more worried about disgracing his father's legacy and bringing shame to the family name, which is what he's been doing.

  2. "Paul said that foreign aid cuts “should start with countries who have not been good allies."

    Translation: Someone who will not bow to the Imperial City. Hypocritical bastard.

  3. Another mealy-mouthed, unprincipled gutless wonder politician. Oh, well. No one's perfect, I suppose.

  4. Rand Paul would never consider calling for an end to aid to Israel, and he likely never has. This, after all, is the man who was dutifully kissing Lobby fundament and cooing about the "special relationship" before he had even won the primary. See, for instance:

    When viewed in light of the above, Sen. Paul's consistent support of sanctions against Iran and his hypocrisy regarding foreign aid appear not as betrayals or reversals or as moves in some great "game" on behalf of freedom, but as what they always were: inevitabilities.

    Despite the delusions of certain of his supporters, Rand Paul is not and has never been a crypto-libertarian, semi-libertarian or any mythical being of that sort. He is a politician in late imperial America, and he looks to the same gods and patrons as the rest of his sorry tribe.

  5. Why doesn't Rand be honest for change and admit here that he is afraid of AIPAC? Israel by far is the US's largest foreign aid recipient and, among other things, Israel commits a lot of espionage against the US and it also doesn't seem to be listening much to us regarding settlement building. Then, outside the US, Israel is of course widely viewed as a pariah nation, practicing apartheid. US interests would be advanced in the world if aid to Israel were cut, if not eliminated.

    1. All foreign aid must be eliminated, not just cut. The US tax dollars (stolen) are given as foreign aid to Israel who in turn uses it to lobby the US for more foreign aid. Welfare works the same way. Recipients simply reelect legislators to extend more benefits. Don't get me started on unions.