Monday, December 17, 2012

Same-Sex First, Marine Proposes to Boyfriend During White House Visit

All government, all the time for these two.

The marine is on the left.


They must believe that government should play a role in marriage.

The Marine is a government sanctioned killer.

The proposal is made in the house where Obama regularly orders drone strikes, causing untold numbers of dead and injured by "collateral damage.'


  1. But I can't wait for the usual dummies to get all a-twitter over this and pat themselves on the back and praise Obama for their wonderful tolerance and progressivism... don't you know this is THE DEFINING ISSUE of our times?! Never mind that kill list...

  2. I just tell my very excited pro gay marriage fanatic friends and family, that government should get out of all marriages, gay or otherwise. As a matter of fact, my journey down the minarchist/anarchist road was the day my wife (then fiancee) and I had to go to the local town government and pay to get a fucking marriage license. It makes little sense for liberty minded gays and lesbians to want to be a part of that stuff.

    1. Agreed. I don't want the government in my marriage between me and the man that I choose to spend my life with.

      If the government had no say, then any church could "break tradition" and risk exile by marrying my BF and me. The fact that these laws started as a way of stopping blacks and whites intermarrying NEVER comes up in mainstream conversation.

      When my gay friends find out (when they listen) WHY I'm opposed to gay marriage, most of them agree. Remove the government from marriage PERIOD!

      Marriage should between my creator, my partner, and me. Nobody has any say. The state has perverted that, but Statists Gonna State.

  3. OH, look, in front of one of fifty four trees in that house. Do you think they kissed under the misletoe?

  4. Check out number three.

  5. So we got a burgeoning police state legalizing homosexual marriages and we got Lively and Abrams in The Pink Swastika telling us about another totalitarian utopia that was in favor of at least homosexuality, but not the marriage thing.
    Hmmm, definitely politically incorrect thoughts occurring, but we'll see if we can stifle them.

    Regardless of that, a totalitarian state wants total control and is necessarily at war with the family, which is the fundamental building block of society/produces children. And if it goes gunny bag in the family, well good luck fixing stuff, not that the socialist state won't try to promote itself as the answer.

    Homosexual marriages on the other hand, are self centered and parasitical. They don't really have a future. AI or adoption is the rule rather than the exception for normal marriages and families. Which does not bode well for a nation that thinks marital rights for LGBTs is the cats meow.

    But if you want the state out of marriage and family, then the state needs to also get out of the forcing normal marriages and families to recognize abnormal marriages.

    Discrimination cuts both ways, not now its time sexual minorities get to discriminate in their favor.
    Mind you, I don't think that kind of real liberty is what all this hope and change is all about, but we already knew that.