Friday, December 21, 2012

"Sharing" in Rhamaland

The Chicago Transit Authority is hiking fares. Here's how they broke the news via email to riders:

Dear Chicago Card Plus Customer:

We want to briefly share with you some information about CTA’s upcoming fare changes and how they will impact you.
CTA Pass Prices
(Base Fare of $2.25 remains the same)
Passes                   New Price            Current Price
1-Day                    $10.00                        $5.75
3-Day                    $20.00                       $14.00
7-Day                    $28.00                       $23.00  
If you use your Chicago Care Plus as a pay-per-use customer, there will not be any changes to your fare. 
If your Chicago Card Plus is set up as an unlimited-use 30-day pass, CTA will honor the $86 pass price for those setting up a new pass prior to January 14, 2013. Effective January 14, 2013 all 30-day passes will be charged the new price of $100.  Please log into your account at to view your pass information.

(ht  J M Schmidt)

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