Wednesday, December 26, 2012

So Much for Peak Oil

New technologies are creating new methods of oil production, from fracking to production from oil shale.

The map below shows the Eagle Ford Shale area, which is 50 miles wide and 400 miles long, and covers 23 counties in South-Central Texas, according to the Railroad Commission of Texas.


  1. No, that is wrong. Shale oil is not easy to extract.

    Also, you need to read 'The Ripple Effect' to understand water's peak. I know that sounds insane when 71 percent of our globe is covered by the most abundant substance-water, but the truth is that only 3 percent of it is fresh and most of that is frozen, just 0.3 percent is accessible. A nat gas well uses 8 million gallons of water per well. Shale uses 4.5 million gallons of water.

    Water is the next fucking gold bitchez.

    1. More like water is the next oil. Oil has has use because it can be refined. Water is very similar in the fact that dirty water can cause disease and illness and saltwater can be deadly if you drink it or use it to water crops. So it must be purified like oil must be refined.

      "Drilling rigs in the midst of cow pastures are hardly a novelty for Texans. But on a warm May day at a site about 30 miles south of San Antonio, a rig was not trying to reach oil or fresh water, but rather something unconventional: a salty aquifer. After a plant is built and begins operating in 2016, the site will become one of the state’s largest water desalination facilities."

      Oil is black gold, water is clear oil, lol. I guess you could say both oil and water will be like gold bitchez!

    2. ummmm....have you heard of graphene's unique properties yet?

    3. Nano technology is great, hope it happens soon. Hope the dickheads don't buy the patents like the tire companies bought the trolleys.

    4. I suspect that the only reason we're drilling for shale oil is because regulations have made "normal" oil drilling more expensive.

      I believe it's a false boom.

      Yes, it's an alternative that COULD be used, once (if?) we're done with the other kind of oil, but the free market can sort that out, and you won't need a state bank's fiat money to fund the project.

      Did anyone notice the mismatch between capital and labor? They needed SO MANY people to go over there and take jobs.

      To me, that reaks of malinvestment. Something to consider.

      Also, shale oil has always been one of the Left's goals, to get everyone off of the "normal" oil. I can't help think that we're being played.

  2. Also, Texas oil production in general:

  3. Here are the world proven oil reserves, as they were recorded throughout history:

    1882: 95 Million barrels remaining (consumption was 25M barrels per year)
    1919: 6.7 Billion barrels remaining (i.e. 20 years left)
    1932: 10 Billion barrels remaining
    1950: 100 Billion barrels remaining
    1980: 645 Billion barrels remaining
    1999: 1.03 Trillion barrels remaining
    2009: 1.34 Trillion barrels remaining
    2012: 1.65 Trillion barrels remaining

    Screw peak oil. I'm in the market for a new car, and this time I'm getting a 5-liter Merc.

    1. Good luck with that.

      Maybe you haven't noticed, but gasoline prices have been rising steadily over the last ten years. There's the reason Hummers went out of business.

      It's not about how many barrels remain in reserves - it's all about flow rates, and flow rates have peaked.

    2. You're right .This was all covered in Ed Contoski's great book" Makers and Takers" over ten years ago

    3. BBH is right.Ian Brett cooper is wrong

    4. Proven reserves are anything but proven. Opec nations put down more in order to sell more. They pump, but the reserves never go down, up yes, despite no new finds. Every major field is in decline. Shale is plentiful but costs below $80 b don't pay for extracting it.

      China in 1990 had 5.5 million cars and 168 miles of paved highways. Today they have 200 million vehicles and 53,000 miles of paved highway, we have 47,000 miles. Oil and just the US guzzling it is one thing.

      A thing of the past. Enjoy your new vehicle.

  4. Fracking is usually bad to do. Causes well water to be un usable, earth quakes, and more. I've seen a lot of articles on Fracking at and, as well as a few Gerald Cellente Trends in the News clips where he mentions it, not in a positive way. But the Corporations run the politicians, so I expect it to continue.

    1. Yup. When cancer rates of 1 in 2 men and 1 in 3 women just aren't 1:1 yet there's Kocheads, worse than dickheads.

      Might as well get rich off water while we suffer.

  5. There are companies selling their Eagle Ford holdings to concentrate on the Mississippi Limestone play in Kansas.