Sunday, December 23, 2012

Ted Kennedy Jr. Considering Senate Run

Speculation that Barney Frank may become a Senate fill-in isn't the only news developing around the vacancy that is going to be left by John Kerry becoming Secretary of State. AP is reporting that Former US Representative Patrick Kennedy says his Connecticut-based brother, Ted Kennedy Jr., is considering running for the Massachusetts Senate seat that will become vacant after Kerry is confirmed as Secretary of State.

Patrick Kennedy told AP that his 51-year-old brother Ted has been receiving calls from their late father’s friends, including former Connecticut Governor Lowell Weicker Jr., urging him to consider running in the anticipated special election.

Ted gets the link to run in Massachusetts because with Patrick he owns the Hyannis home once owned by the late President John F. Kennedy.

He is a co-founder and the president of the Marwood Group, a financial-services firm headquartered in New York City, New York. Mrwood appears to be a total crony financial firm that  advises corporations about health care and financial services. The Daily Caller reports that the firm was the subject of a federal ethics complaint filed by a senior government official who accused the firm of providing its clients insider access to federal government information, according to a report by the Project on Government Oversight.


  1. Given the track record of the average Massachusetts voter, you can bet that they'll inflict yet another Kennedy hack on the rest of us.

    The Kennedys are a cancer. Lecherous, drug-addled, incapable of moderating their behavior in any way. And why should they? They can loot, drink, screw and kill with impunity. If you gave the average person this kind of leeway, he'd be a criminal too.

  2. How many of these parasites are there?

    The Kennedys are like a bad turd that won't flush.