Monday, December 3, 2012

The Bernanke Push: Car Sales in November Could Be Highest Since Feb. 2008

The Bernanke money pumping is making its impact.  Ward’s Auto is estimating that light vehicle sales in November will be 15.36 million units (SAAR), which will be the highest monthly sales total since February 2008.

Housing and auto sales continue to accelerate, not to mention gold coin sales. The Bernanke printing is now clearly entering the economy (and not ending up in excess reserves). It's hard to see how this doesn't result in accelerating consumer price inflation in 2013.


  1. Bob, there is a lot of evidence for channel stuffing going on as well. One prominent bear site has a rather convincing bar graph of GM's antics.

    The definition of auto sales count the sales to near capacity full dealer lots, not consumers.

  2. The spike during 2009--Cash for Clunkers--is hilarious.

  3. Thought you might find this interesting (piece from a Carlyle Group researcher):

  4. It's sad to see bias reporting. You must be aware, not only of the channel stuffing, which is well know, but Sandy storm also created unusual demand for new cars. Both major factors have little to do with Bernanke.