Sunday, December 2, 2012

The Feinstein Amendment to NDAA: What the Senate Just Passed

Blake Filippi, a legal analyst for the Tenth Amendment Center and director of the Rhode Island Liberty Coalition, writes (my highlights)
The Feinstein Amendment does not fix the Constitutional infirmities in the 2012 NDAA. Neither does proposed language in the 2013 NDAA. Congress is now poised to reaffirm the President’s ability to prosecute persons within the USA through military tribunals, allow continued indefinite detention without charge or trial, and do nothing to limit the practice of extraordinary rendition. 
The most troubling provisions of section 1021 of the 2012 NDAA provide that all persons within the USA – including U.S. citizens – whom the President unilaterally determines “substantially supported” the Taliban, Al Qaeda or “Associated forces” may be designated as enemy combatants. They may be subject to indefinite detention, extraordinary rendition (the transfer to foreign jurisdiction or entities) or military tribunals. Importantly, one’s “substantial support” does not have to be knowing or willful.


  1. US set to establish new overseas spy network as big as the CIA: Report

    This country continues to create more eyes for itself, even though it lacks a heart or a brain....

  2. If one needed any proof that the constitution is a dead letter, the NDAA surely fits the bill. These are the acts of a despotic regime. They are completely out of control.

  3. "Support doesn't have to be knowing or willful"

    That sounds like any citizen could be set up by our massive spook community.

  4. I love/hate this. The US police state has metastasized and soon it will die at its' own hand. +/-95% of the populace is unaware of these criminal assaults on our civil liberties, but the +/-5% that do know are telling friends/family/co-workers each day.

    Once 10% of the populace actively embrace these facts (and that number is growing fast) the government will be faced with an angry populace and then...who knows what will happen.

    I think the majority of EPJ readers know what's coming, and are somewhat prepared, and will be the new "teachers" of the people who still think "it can't happen here" crowd.

  5. I'm just watching it all unravel.