Tuesday, December 4, 2012

The Next Time You Drop-Off Clothes at a Goodwill Store...

...be sure to check out the art work for sale.

Recently. Karen Mallet bought a print  for $12.34 at a Goodwill store in Milwaukee. It turned out to be a lithograph, "Red Nose," by American artist Alexander Calder worth $9,000.

Last month, a Salvador Dali sketch found at a Goodwill shop in Tacoma, Wash., sold for $21,000. Last summer, a North Carolina woman pocketed more than $27,000 for a painting she bought for $9.99 at Goodwill...When told of the Milwaukee woman’s find, a Goodwill spokeswoman said workers at its 2,700 stores try to spot valuables and auction them on the organization’s online auction site to net more money for the charitable group. But things slip through the cracks and the workers aren’t art experts...
Lauren Lawson-Zilai, a spokeswoman for Goodwill Industries International Inc. in Rockville, Md., gave these examples of art that Goodwill staff spotted and sold through the auction site: 
— In 2009, a painting by Utah artist Maynard Dixon donated in Santa Rosa, Calif., sold for $70,001.
— In 2008, a Baltimore-area Goodwill store netted $40,600 from a Parisian street scene painted by Impressionist Edouard-Leon Cortes.
— In 2006, a Frank Weston Benson oil painting donated anonymously in Portland, Ore., brought in $165,002

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