Sunday, December 9, 2012

The Truth About the Republican Proposed "Spending Cuts"

In the clip below from his appearance on ABC earlier today, Paul Krugman is absolutely correct when he says:
And if you look at all of things that they've [the Republicans] concretely mentioned, all of their actual proposed spending cuts, on, you know, raising the Medicare age, cutting the price index for Social Security, it's about $300 billion...
Yeah, it's tiny. They're -- what they've actually put on the table is almost nothing. All of the rest is just big talk. 
Indeed, all this "fiscal cliff" resolution talk is, as we have been pointing out here at EPJ, about raising taxes.

Mary Matalin confirms this when she attempts, in a bizarre way, to refute Krugman:
 That's completely mendacious, as was that. The Republicans have offered in theory and in specificity, for instance, to raise revenues, capping various deductions, not eliminating, but capping them, which the CBO says would raise $1.7 trillion over 10 years. They've been very specific...
Putting this together with more clarity, so-called Republican cuts are pretty much bogus, but they are for raising tax revenue.


  1. This is the first time in my memory that I could say Krugman is probably right?!
    Head shake, he wants the govt to build arms to fight aliens to help the economy, idiot.
    But he's probably right here, it's almost nauseating to agree with him. Perhaps we can get him to come to the Rothbardian theory of money and credit too!! Nope.

  2. As for politics:
    To ask for a politician to work for a smaller government is like going to a football game and expecting the players to be writing essays on flowers. (RP excepted)
    Actually, RP knew that his role as a Congressman, and Prez candidate, would get him on a stage to preach the gospel of libertarianism.
    Voting is for suckers.
    Let's move on...

  3. Whenever you hear "Republicans" and "spending cuts" mentioned in the same breath, think "Lucy" and "football."