Monday, December 10, 2012

This Week in TSA Drama: "I'm a Terrorist"

Baghdad  TSA Bob posted these reports at the TSA Blog:
A Newark (EWR) passenger told the gate agent: “If you don’t want another terrorist attack, I better make this flight.”

During a bag search at Boise (BOI), a passenger stated: “I might have a bomb in my bag.”

During a bag search at Dallas (DAL), a passenger stated: “I’m a terrorist.”
A passenger at Miami (MIA) told the ticketing representative that he had a bag full of dynamite. Five flights were delayed for a total of 4 hours, 56 minutes affecting 1,027 passengers. The passenger was arrested on a state charge. 
After a gate agent at Orlando (MCO) informed a passenger she could not get her checked luggage out of the plane, the passenger stated: “Well what if I had put a bomb in it? Can I get it back then?”
He then warned us all:
 Statements like these not only delay the people who said them but can also inconvenience many other passengers if the checkpoint or terminal has to be evacuated

Keep in mind this is the same government that sent no immediate help to a real attack in Libya. 


  1. Keep in mind this government is populated by the sorts of people called "Epsilons" in Brave New World.

  2. People think and sometimes say all sorts of rebellious things when under stress. It's just how the brain works. "Fight or flight" is especially fitting in this context. Those with blind faith in the goodness and reasonableness of government are the least likely to control their mouths -- because the government couldn't possibly be that oppressive, right?

    The reality is any showing of disrespect for federal security theater is a crime, constitutionally authorized by the commerce and "necessary and proper" clauses. Look it up.