Monday, December 24, 2012

TSA Christmas Eve Drama

A lighter that looked like a grenade sent the TSA into full panic mode. reports:
A  lighter was mistaken for a grenade at Miami International Airport, prompting a security scare on Christmas Eve, said Miami-Dade Police. 
A woman flying to Honduras was carrying the lighter. 
"It appeared that there was something that looked like a grenade in there. So obviously we can't take any chances with that," said Lauren Stover, assistant aviation director for public safety at the airport. 
Travelers were first evacuated from concourses J and H, and then allowed back inside. Once inside, however, they were not allowed to move toward the security checkpoint that was blocked off by police.
Ho, ho. ho.


  1. This happens at least once a week and we are paying $8 billion a year for this idiocy. The most recent post at the TSA blog said they found one of these last Thursday. These have been around for decades and maybe they could show these nitwits a picture of these lighters so they don't empty an airport every time one shows up in checked baggage.

    TSA incompetence and stupidity are legendary and this agency and their criminal workforce are a greater danger to air travel than Al Qaeda. TSA needs to be replaced before something bad results from their stupidity.