Monday, December 17, 2012

Will Blackberry Be Back in the Game?

Free market competition, I love it.

Research in Motion has sent out media invitations for the BlackBerry 10 unveiling.

The company will unveil the next version of its mobile operating system on Jan. 30 in New York City on Pier 36.

LaTi reports:

As with most tech invitations, RIM's invite is vague about what the company will reveal besides BlackBerry 10.  
The invite has a blurry background picture of what seems to be New York City. It also says "The BlackBerry Experience" in large letters at the top, followed by "Re-designed. Re-engineered. Re-invented."

According to Cnet:
 RIM is expected to show off a new BlackBerry 10 feature called "Notebooks" at the January 30 event. The developer documentation describes the feature as a "folder-like object that contains notebook entries." The operating system will also include improved major applications, including e-mail, contacts, and calendars.


  1. good on them if they turn their current situation around but it will be difficult for them to get back the dominance they had. Free markets in operation.

  2. No. There is nothing they could produce that would outshine the more mature mobile operating system of Android. Android ate IOS's lunch in market share, do you really think it's worried about Blackberry? BB is toast... stick a fork in them.