Thursday, January 10, 2013

A Report from Booming Indonesia

Andre Grillon reports in from Indonesia:
I've never personally seen any country have such notable (and real)
economic expansion as Indonesia. It's remarkable the wealth that is
being harnessed here from resources and property. Its highly rich in
resources, super abundant in labor, and the disrespect for and lack of
state laws makes for very rapid development of economic linkages which
is creating not only a gigantic middle-class (total population is
250mm) but also a new billionaire class. A well-paid driver here costs
$250 per month, so imagine.

I heard it best at the packed fashion show of a 22-year old friend
that studied at  Singapore American School and then fashion design
in Milan - she opened up an up-and-coming fashion brand here:

"I wouldn't be able to do what I'm doing here anywhere else. I'm
telling all my friends in Europe to come to Jakarta. First-world
problems is: 'I can't find a job.' Third-world problems is: 'I can't
find my driver.'"

I thought that was spot on!

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