Tuesday, January 22, 2013

A Report on Infrastructure in Rahmaland

J M Schmidt emails:
I normally don't take the trains as I live close enough to work to walk, but today is just too cold, so I decided to take the public transit to work. As I waited for the train going in my direction, the train going the opposite direction roared by, emitting smoke that smelled like burnt rubber. The train had just come from downtown, so every Blue Line stop in downtown Chicago smelled like this smoke.

This is not uncommon occurrence. The CTA's trains are breaking down and the city will do anything to kick the can down the road.


  1. State morons across the land would easily solve this problem by selling off mass transit to private companies out for profit.

    People like Bloomberg don't even live in their tax-funded mansions. Sell these damn things, and get off the public trough. The states could ameliorate our problems, even if they could never solve them. They are the problem.

  2. The CTA rail system is old and decrepit. There is nothing cute about the "L". Why does it take me so long to go through 10 stops? The metro system in eastern europe is twice as efficient. That says a lot.