Thursday, January 3, 2013

ADP Jobs Number Blows Through the Roof

The just released ADP jobs report shows a 215, 000 increase in private sector jobs in December. That's 50% higher than the 140,000 that was expected. Bernanke money printing manipulation of the economy upward. Unfortunately, because it is a manipulation, it will crash down the road, but not now, For now, happy days are here again.

And most of the jobs gains are in the capital goods sector, as would be expected based on Austrian Business Cycle Theory:

(Chart via Business Insider)


  1. The most amazing thing to me about this chart is the continued contraction in the manufacturing sector over 6 months despite the the money pumping.

  2. That's a great chart. Too bad we probably have to credit Moody's. The construction slice is also interesting, especially over the last five months.