Thursday, January 31, 2013

Bernanke at the Super Bowl

Bernanke's huge money printing spree is impacting more and more sectors of the economy. A huge spike in the CPI is likely not far behind.

Super Bowl ticket prices are up 14% in secondary market. This year, a single seat for Super Bowl XLVII is averaging $3,398 online, versus $2,990 a year ago, according to ConvergEx.

Writes MarketWatch:
[U]nless you plan to be walking to New Orleans, a weekend in Fat City will cost you $15,406 if booked today, the strategists said. This includes a game ticket, non-stop airfare, hotel and rental car for four nights.

Super Bowl ad spending is also up. Standard 30-second television spots are going for $4 million each, and in some cases more, ConvergEx said, citing CBS Sports. That’s 14% more than a year ago.


  1. I wonder how many commercials from bailed out companies we're going to have this year. I'm really looking forward to cursing out a few GM, Chrysler, JPM, and possible AIG commercials. Or maybe Ally Bank where they leave a suitcase full of money on the sidewalk and show that because no one steals the money, your bank should charge you fees (ignoring that under fractional reserve banking, Ally IS taking your money).

  2. I guess I'm just out of touch with what passes for popular culture in this piss ant Republic but I really don't get the national obsession with American style football. Maybe it's because the sport is a perfect metaphor for America's brutal, thuggish and mind numbingly stupid Welfare/Warfare State.

    1. And they don't show you the whole game; usually the camera centers in on the action at the line of scrimmage. After each play the commentators then supply viewers with (often incorrect) reasons for the outcome of the play. Just totally boring.

    2. I've always enjoyed American football. It's the militarization of it that has become boring, tiresome, and sickening.

  3. Occam's Razor indicates a much simpler explanation: last year's Super Bowl was in Indianapolis, IN. This year's is in New Orleans, LA. One city tends to have a bit more of a reputation for a good party than the other. A further deep dive into the issue shows last year's opponents meant 4 years ago in Super Bowl 43, so the bloom was off the rose, so to speak, for NY and Boston-area fans who would normally be more price-inelastic. This year's teams, the 49ers, haven't made a Super Bowl since 1995. The Ravens? 2001. More excited fanbases means higher demand = higher prices.

    Just because you've got a hammer doesn't mean everything is a nail.