Monday, January 21, 2013

Brit Disappeared and Tortured by "Men Working for America"

John Duncan emails:

An interesting account of a young British man who was stripped of his citizenship and 'disappeared', beaten, tortured and handed over to the CIA:

It looks like the CIA played good cop/bad cop with him and lead him to believe unless he confessed they would do worse things to him.  He is currently in New York awaiting trial.

This happened in Djibouti, west Africa.  The US government is expanding operations in Africa:

Here's another rendition case where a German national was disappeared, beaten, tortured and then dumped on a road side in Albania:

The British government and MI6 have been caught involved in renditions for Gadaffi after Tony Blair did that 'deal in the dessert' and are currently paying hush money:


  1. Wenzel!

    I hate to be a nit pick but Djibouti is about as far east as you can get in Africa

    So the statement
    "This happened in Djibouti, west Africa." makes no sense to me.

    Granted there are things a foot in west Africa eg MALI. Djibouti was invaded a while ago...its where the CIA drones fly from to hit targets in Yemen.

    I know the population at large is ignorant of this geography, but please lets not confuse people further. Maybe they will at least learn geography!

  2. Mahdi Hashi

    Well, it sounds British to me.

  3. well if the name bothers you call him little Wisly Smith, the point is the case not his name or color whitey.,