Monday, January 21, 2013

Doug Casey on the Problem with Glenn Beck's Galt's Gulch (and much more)


  1. Max Keiser doesn't get everything right (especially currency issues), and there's been scuttlebutt that RT is not what it's supposed to be (I think they're just upset that Lauren Lyster (and her legs) have left), BUT..
    Where the hell else can you see an interview with Doug Casey????

    1. I agree. Keiser is a dis-informationalist.

      And I will miss Lauren's legs.

  2. Ancap was just mentioned on TV by name and defended, albeit in a sound bite. Floored.

  3. BTW on this may help to elucidate why on Argentina:

    I get the impression that despite his ready admission that yes, the government is insane there, it is also weak, people more resilient, cynical of government and perhaps significantly, so are police to a certain extent.

    Note that he and his fellow travelers have repeatedly stated the importance about political and geographical diversification i.e. planting multiple flags. For example, he had also mentioned that despite Cafayate, Argentina is not where you'd want to keep your bank accounts (at least not most of it)

  4. Great interview. Great point about the probs with keeping all of your assets in the same nation you live in and being treated as if you are a milk cow by the govt, ha ha!