Monday, January 14, 2013

Flash Mob Playing 'Here Comes the Sun' in a Spanish Unemployment Office

How bad is the unemployment situation in Spain. A flash mob met at an unemployment office in Spain to cheer up the unemployed. Unemployment in Spain is at 25%.

Of course, what flash mobs should really be doing is reading out loud from Mises, Hayek and Rothbard on how central bank activity causes the business cycle and how government interference in labor markets via regulations results in even more unemployment. Listen to the interview I conducted with Livia Elena Araujo PĂ©rez last year, where we discuss some of the policies Spain has adopted, which keeps unemployment high .


  1. I love how the one guy never lifts his eyes from the computer.

  2. That Spanish goddess needs a good man in her life. It may not be me, but I hope she finds someone good to make her happy. I posted on the Youtube page for that video, you had some Keynesian nut on there.

    Krugman should go get hit by a bus.

  3. Here in Wisconsin, flash mobs rob convenience stores.