Saturday, January 12, 2013

Fund Raising Is Lagging, So Far, for Inaugural Plans

President Obama’s inaugural committee is at least $10 million short of its $50 million fund-raising goal, officials have told top donors, with just over a week before the President is sworn in for his second term, reports NYT.

Some donors will be allowed to accompany Obama and other elected officials on the viewing stand where the president will watch the inauguration parade.

Others may attend a “candlelight reception” at the National Building Museum, where a photo reception with the president, Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr., and their wives will cost as much as $100,000.

Looks like few really want to be around this guy, they just want their crony deals and that's it. It's going to be a second tier inauguration. But they'll twist some arms to get the $10 million in.

During the first Obama inaugural I was in D.C., but I didn't go to the event. Though, I ended up briefly talking to Obama's aunt. She was staying at the Mayfair Hotel (which, hee, hee, Eliot Spitzer made famous). She happened to come down to use a computer in the hotel's business office, while I was in the office putting up an EPJ post. A very pleasant lady, she showed me pictures of herself with Obama. She also complained about the press hacking into her email account. But she was very guarded about discussing anything further about the soon to be President.


  1. For people who are barely hanging on economically, talk about raising another $10 Million for an inauguration seem bizarre to insane

  2. These people have neither decency nor respect. Their immorality is supreme. The have no shame. They have destroyed this country (and not only the Dem's. Their predecessors too).

    Meanwhile, the CEO of Family Dollar Stores said his customers passed on toys in favor of "basic need" items this holiday season.