Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Government Medical Propaganda Comes to Television

Deadline.com reports:
CBS has added a medical drama to its mix of drama pilots, greenlighting The Surgeon General from Lie To Me creator/executive producer Samuel Baum. Baum wrote and executive produces the CBS TV Studios-produced project, which centers on Dr. John Sherman — the most powerful doctor in the nation, the Surgeon General, who has 315 million patients. As “America’s Doctor,” Sherman and his team battle the powerful forces of politics and business, fighting to protect the health of everyday Americans.
Don't expect discussions on supply and demand, incentives, and entrepreneurship that result in increasing living standards. This will be all about Mussolini economics, command and control--with not a hint of the behind the scenes cronyism. Lie to me, indeed.

(ht Travis Holte)


  1. Glad I dont watch much TV anymore

  2. In other words, the Surgeon General will be more of a general and less of a surgeon, just like real life.

  3. I wonder if the actor/actress will wear that ridiculous uniform that the real surgeon general wears. And will the actor/actress be overweight while telling people how to eat like the current woman?

  4. . As “America’s Doctor,” Sherman and his medical supplies team battle the powerful forces of politics and business,