Sunday, January 6, 2013

Has America Gone Euro-Socialist?

Here's a clue from the cover of Economist magazine:

Actually, to be more accurate, Obama should have been dressed as one of these two, who promoted a government-crony corporate controlled economy.

When Obama is linking gun control, with a profit center for Wal-Mart, you know things are way out of control.


  1. Well it might not be so bad if by European you mean Swiss, Czech, San Marino-an, Andorran, Monacan, Liechtensteinian or Svalbardian (I'd consider a couple Eastern European countries but I don't enough about them)

    But you're right that cronyist and fascist is more apropos. A real socialist executive, as inferred by the French style, would be more honest and equitable in meting out the pain

  2. Arthur Krolman, CFAJanuary 6, 2013 at 5:38 PM

    Timely reference to Mussolini and Hitler.

    "Mussolini's goons used Castor oil and intimidation to silence his political enemies"

    ...and arresting their traveling relatives too.

  3. Obama may think he's so much smoother than George Bush. But every time I hear some interchangeable, plastic government robot speak, I hear this: