Saturday, January 26, 2013

Henry Kissinger on the State of the World; Rebellion Possible in US

Eighty-nine year old Henry Kissinger is in Davos, Switzerland for the crony-elitist gathering, the World Economic Forum.

The war criminal sat through a one hour interview with the founder of the Forum,  Klaus Schwab.

Kissinger, who is chairman of Kissinger Associates, USA, seemed to be quite against US empire building. That said, every indication from the interview seemed to be that Kissinger continues to think of the world in terms of clashing national geo-political interests, that must be resolved in some sort of steroids ramped up version of the game Risk.

Overall though, he seemed to have toned down many of his militaristic views of old. He said that it would be a mistake for the "outside world" to become militarily involved in Syria. He said that the Syrian conflict, initially seen as a fight of democracy against dictatorship, has transformed into a conflict between various ethnic groups, “The outside world finds that if it intervenes militarily, it will be in the middle of a vast ethnic conflict."

He called on the United States and Russia to work together to solve the crisis in Syria. He advocated “an American-Russian understanding as a first step towards defining what the objective is”, adding that “the Syrian problem would best be dealt with internationally by Russia and America not making it a contest of national interest”.

He called the US withdrawal of the military from Afghanistan necessary and went on to say that the US does not have  the capacity to change domestic structures around the world, given current attitudes of the US public with regard to such attempts.

Kissinger said that regulations overburden the US and that elections have increasingly been about manipulation, rather than persuasion. And although it is not completely clear what Kissinger meant by rebellion, he said some sort of rebellion could arise in the US, which might be led by a currently unknown leader, possibly the result of the US financial situation.

The full video of the interview is here.


  1. "...Overall though, he seemed to have toned down many of his militaristic views of old..."

    Why the change in approach by him? Just words, or emerging repentance?

    Astounding and sickening book which shows how Kissinger played the role as puppeteer of Presidents and others:

  2. He must have read The Fourth Turning.

  3. When will this fucker Kissinger DIE???

  4. Kissinger failed to mention that the US created the crisis in Syria. The Russians know this full well and are being quite measured in their response to our creating havoc in what was their sphere of influence. Imagine Hillary's Hysteria if Putin were to have intervened in any of our Empire's spheres of influence?