Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Hey Everybody, Be Racist

...or maybe it's just be happy.

Actually, in an uptight, politically correct world, it is just Volkswagen figuring out how to get attention.

The Atlanticwire reports
As Super Bowl ads start to trickle online in anticipation of Super Sunday, one spot is already facing a wave of criticism that could lead to its being pulled off the air during the big game. The ad comes from Volkswagen [...] This year, the German auto maker's commercial features a man from Minnesota speaking in a Jamaican accent.


  1. Puhleese. So if the guy had an australian, irish or other accent that is okay but if the accent is jamaican that is racist?

  2. So, let me get this straight. If you denigrate black culture, you're a racist. If you emulate black culture, you're a racist. If you ignore black culture, you're a racist.
    Oh, I got it....
    But, Eddie Murphy's SNL spoof, "White Like Me" (which is hysterical BTW), is NOT racist?
    I give up.

  3. How is that "racist"? Would it have been racist if the guy was speaking with a British accent? I guess every movie Hugh Jackman makes proves he is racist because he's doing an American accent. What a f'ing joke!

  4. How is that racist, considering there are white Jamaicans who speak that way?

  5. Born and currently resident in Jamaica. Nothing about this ad is racist to or offends me.

  6. It's not the slightest bit racist. Maybe the point is good cheer is contagious.

    Only problem is it makes me want to go to Jamaica rather than buy a Volkswagen.

  7. I guess if you're someone that looks down on people with a Jamaican accent, you could see this as racism. Of course, the racism you are really seeing is your own.

  8. I liked the question about location, "Hey Dave, you're from Minnesota, right?"

    "Yes, I, te land o' ten t'ousan' lakes. The golfer state."
    The chilly climes and attitudes of northerners replaced with sunny, laid back attitudes of Jamaicans. More of an indictment of hardened northerners. A change of latitude is a change in attitude. There are no blacks or African-Americans or black Jamaicans in the shoot. Does their absence make it racist? Calm ahn, man. Relawx.

  9. Politically correct racisim and sexisim are a revolving door. It is a door specialy designed to hit the white male no matter what he does or where he stands. If your not a politically designated minority you are racist and or sexisist when evey they say you are.

    Evil white men must pay for thier past sins.

  10. The obvious answer is NO. It's not racist.

    But we are now indulging the thought-gestapo's narrative by even asking the question.

    They should all just be ignored like flies.