Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Iceland President At Davos: 'Why Do We Treat Banks Like Holy Churches? It's Time To Stop The Bailouts And Let Them Go Bankrupt!'

Liz Claman interviews Iceland President Olaf Grimsson at Davos.

He has a sound alternative to Geithner, Paulson and Bernanke bankster bailouts, but as you will see he still is a big league tax taker.

(via Daily Bail)


  1. When he was minister of finance back in the 80´s,
    he was given the nickname “Skattmann”, or taxman in english.

    This sketch portrays him very accurately:

  2. This guy is still a central planner at heart. Social safety nets, welfare, education, etc. He loves spending other people's money.

    The only benefit is the banks didn't get to suck in all that tax payer money first and bid up prices for assets ahead of everyone else. Or, I assume, make risky bets on plays that would end up on the taxpayer if they went south.

    When we count this as some sort of victory, we are in big trouble.