Thursday, January 3, 2013

Inside Obama's Kailua Beach Vacation Home

USNews reports that the pics below are from 2008 to 2010, of  a home known as the "Plantation Estate," a lavish, 5,000-square-foot ocean-front home on Paradise Point described on its web site as "built for exceptional security, comfort and elegance just steps from the silky white sands of Kailua Beach."

In 2011, the Obamas moved to a unnamed but similar vacation home down the street, which the WaPo reported is 6,000-square-feet and contains an inner courtyard and expansive lawn that leads down to the beach, says USN.

According to USN, the real estate website,, does know that the First Family remains on Paradise Point, however, where homes cost approximately $25,000 a week. The Obamas pay this fee out of their personal funds. But according to Keith Koffler at the White House Dossier blog, Obama's Hawaii vacation has cost taxpayers $7 million, due to the costs of flying Air Force One and an extensive security operation.


  1. Well, a few questions arise. For example, how many days has he stayed there in the last four years? What were those days? In turn, for all the days he wasn't there, who was there? Was it vacant? If not, who was there, what did they pay, if anything? Who, specifically, was there? Not to leap to another tangent, but speaking of vacations, it might be useful to see some more inquiry into the 'ranch' in Texas used by a former President, in 2000/2001.

    1. who cares.

      its the fact that this man uses force against the people to take their money so that he and his family can live like royalty.

      he didnt get that house by any other means but brute force and theft.

    2. So I guess if Pres. Bush wasted tax dollars it must be OK for the dear leader to do it on an even bigger scale, right? Some people just don't get the point no matter how obvious it is. Sad.

    3. In particular, a month long vacation in August 2001, amidst a rising tide of intelligence warnings of a terrorist attack. p.s. I'm far from defending Obama.

  2. Wow, being a murderous parasite really pays well.