Thursday, January 10, 2013

Jack Lew's Stupid Signature

Check this out. It is the signature of Jack Lew, who President Obama is expected to nominate as Treasury Secretary. It's true Federal Reserve notes, eventually, won't be worth the paper they are printed on, so maybe Congress should confirm Lew. It will give Americans a tiny advance warning as to how loopy paper currency can be.

Treasury Secretary Geithner changed his signature for Federal Reserve note signing purposes.


 The President is scheduled to hold a press briefing today at 1:30 p.m. EST in the East Room where Lew is expected to be announced as Obama's nominee for Treasury Secretary.

(ht John Duncan and Travis Holte)


  1. Looks like a CAPTCHA version of signature.

  2. The banksters are getting their man in again, with this derivitive scammer from CITI. Look out folks lot's of zeros coming. Hedge gold and silver.

  3. His signature looks like a whole bunch of 0's.

    Perfect, since paper money always returns to it's intrinsic value -- zero.