Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Jesse Benton Issues Off-the-Wall Email on Behalf of McConnell reports:
In a campaign fund-raising email Monday, McConnell's campaign manager, Jesse Benton, said every conservative in the state needs to be aware of "an important development."

He said a report by Politico, a political journalism news group, "confirmed that (President) Barack Obama's Democratic allies are attempting to infiltrate conservative organizations across Kentucky to encourage and fund opposition to Senator Mitch McConnell."

Benton said liberals know that McConnell "has stood side-by-side with conservatives in Kentucky and they need to manufacture a movement against him to get attention to the race."[...] 
Benton did not identify any specific conservative group in Kentucky that he thinks has been infiltrated by Democratic liberals.
What's really going on is that Benton client Mitch McConnell is hated by many in the state, across the political spectrum. They all want McConnell out, but for sure they are far apart on who should replace McConnell. Benton is doing nothing but attempting to spin the hate for McConnell into some type of bizarre tale of the left infiltrating conservative and the Tea Party groups, when it's really across-the-board McConnell hate at the grassroots level. Hard-core conservative and Tea Party groups want McConnell replaced because he is a big government interventionist, not, as Benton would have people believe, because lefties have sprinkled magic powder over their eyes.


  1. There's some questions surrounding Liberty For All's Preston Bates. There are claims he was a Democrat until 2010, and in the last election was responsible for attacks on at least one liberty candidate, Chris Hightower.

    1. Chris Hightower a "liberty candidate", huh?

      "Chris will support any legislation that seeks to create a more prosperous business climate to move our agricultural economy forward."

      ANY legislation? Like subsidies?

      Well, anyway, your claim may be true.
      But what does any of it have to do with Mitch McConnell?

  2. Sounds like a vast conspiracy to me.
    Be alert and let us squash it.
    They hate us for our conservatism !
    RepubliCAN !