Monday, January 21, 2013

Jesse Benton's Attempt to Co-Opt the Liberty Movement Continues

Jesse Benton is out with a new Mitch McConnell fund raising letter, attempting to put McConnell in the hardcore anti-gun control camp. This is total BS, Wikipedia details exactly where MConnell has been on gun control:
McConnell has supported several gun control measures put forth by Democrats, including the 1991 Crime Bill S.1241 (see U.S. Senate Roll Call Vote here) sponsored by then senator Joseph Biden, that instituted a national waiting period for handgun purchases as well as a federal ban on semi-automatic firearms.[15] In 1998, McConnell voted for Barbara Boxer's Trigger Lock Amendment 3230 (see U.S. Senate Roll Call Vote here), which required the purchase of a trigger lock with the sale of each handgun.
McConnell and Benton are just being opportunists with this letter. Also note Jesse's mention of Rand Paul in the letter. It's an attempt to even further co-opt the liberty movement by implying that  McConnell is part of it. Rand Paul appears ready to compromise on just about any issue, but for McConnell it's not about compromise, he is a statist, opportunist from the start.  Here's the full disgusting letter.
Dear Patriot,

You and I are literally surrounded.

The gun-grabbers in the Senate are about to launch an all-out-assault on the Second Amendment.

On your rights.

On your freedom.

Just the other night, President Obama urged them to act. And then he went one step further, spelling out the 23 different Executive Orders he will take to get your guns.

My friend, our freedom is under direct assault.

From those who want take your guns. From those who want to shred our Constitution, and as our good in [sic]friend Rand Paul from Kentucky says, from those who want to be King.

Let me tell you, Mitch McConnell is ready to lead the fight to protect your rights.
Will you stand with Mitch today?

Our Founders fought a revolution to secure our rights. They would have been appalled by what they heard from an American president the other day.

President Obama has the left wing media in a frenzy. And, like his old Chief of Staff, he is determined to not waste a crisis.

The gun-grabbers are in full battle mode. And they are serious.

What’s at stake?

There are almost too many schemes to list. But President Obama’s worst center around:

-The Feinstein Gun Ban, which will criminalize firearms by how they look.

-A thinly-veiled national gun registration scheme hidden under the guise of “background checks” to ensure federal government minders gain every bureaucratic tool they need for full-scale confiscation.

-An outright BAN on magazines holding more than 10 rounds.

-And that’s not even close to the end of it.

23 new Executive Orders.

It is almost hard to believe the sheer breadth and brazenness of this attempt to gut our Constitution. 
Well, Mitch McConnell is not going to stand aside.

Mitch McConnell will stand and fight. He will lead the Senate Republicans against this unconstitutional agenda, and with your help, we will prevail.

But Mitch can’t do it alone.

That’s why I am asking you to sign the attached Defense of the Second Amendment pledge today to show that you stand with me in this vital fight.

Friend, from his very first run for office, Leader McConnell has always stood strong for your gun rights. Like you and me, he firmly believes that the Second Amendment protects YOU as an individual.

And, he absolutely will not let president Obama or the Senate Democrats take that right away from us.

So please help him fight back today.

For Freedom,
Jesse Benton
Campaign Manager
Sen. Mitch McConnell

P.S. President Obama and his allies are committed to eroding your Constitutional freedoms. Please sign your pledge TODAY to let him know that we stand with Mitch McConnell in opposing this gun grab.


  1. I think you mean: "The hard-core anti-gun CONTROL camp". :)

  2. This guy, and I mean Benton, is a real piece of work.

    McConnell, on the other hand, is your basic run-of-the-mill state liar/grifter/parasite.

  3. What fight is McConnell going to lead anyone in? Majority leader Harry Reid has already stated that gun control legislation cannot pass in the Senate. Any Dem senator from the south or west can't vote for it.....their constituencies are armed to the teeth. Reid - from NV, can't either.

    Anybody who needs Mitch to lead him is in serious trouble. And I believe that Mitch knows he's in big trouble in 2014.

  4. I hope Thomas Massie can be convinced to challenge Mitch in 2014. He could actually beat him. If only the KY voters knew of Mitch's anti-gun past, then he would be very vulnerable with how pissed off gun owners are all over the nation, and especially in states like KY.

    1. Massie is beholden to Rand who campaigned and raised $$ for him. Although Rand may not want to cross Mitch publically, I would not put it past Rand to do something behind the scenes against him. If Mitch gets booted in the primary, Rand becomes the Senior Senator-- which helps boost his 'presidential' profile for 2016.

      Mitch has $ 6mil + COH now. It's going to take some real bucks to mount a primary challenge. I believe it can be done though........

    2. The rich college student from TX who is a Ron Paul fan and spent a large amount of money on Massie in the primary has promised millions if he takes on McConnell. His spending made Massie winning possible, as well as two other races in Michigan.

  5. Looks like they hired Benton to write these fundraising letters to hoodwink gullible right-wingers.

  6. Mitch McConnell: a statesman of courage, charisma, and principle. His leadership will be instrumental in reclaiming our lost rights and liberties! Fight on, Mitch!

    Okay, that doesn't pass the giggle test, does it? Never mind.

  7. You know how you can tell a person is a statist. They still use the left and right wing paradigm propaganda. That is an immediate tell that someone is a statist.

  8. Benton,
    Go jump in a lake. McConnells own voting record shows exactly where your "conservative" candidate sits. He is a statist liar.

    Benton, I voted for your grandfather inlaw Ron Paul in 1988. I was a County, state and congressional delegate for Ron Paul in 2008 and 2012. You Benton are a liar. The only mistake Ron made was bringing you back to head his campaign in 2012. You Benton, are a little rat.

    1. Benton is such a weasel. I will automatically oppose anyone associating themselves with him. Thank goodness the only political figure I actually like, Ron Paul, is no longer in politics or associated with fatboy benton.

  9. Bobby,

    Here's the scoop: Benton's going to be huge. Like a 3XXXL back end in the making.