Thursday, January 24, 2013

Joe Biden Proposes to Miss D.C.

Well, he is either proposing or telling Miss D.C. that she can now go into combat in Afghanistan and get her legs blown off,

(Photo courtesy of Max Raskin)


  1. This guy is like the creeper's creeper.

  2. I doubt even his own party will back him in 2016. Biden's an imbecile.

    They'll support the current Scty. State Cankles if she doesn't screw herself over Benghazi.

    Where the VP is just ridiculous , she's downright terrifying.

  3. Joe preaches " To protect the children " to be Frank I don't think I want Joe around my children, especially my daughters.

  4. (Joe Biden and Basil {of Austin Powers} prepare for Biden to meet Miss D.C. later in the evening)

    Basil: So you see, Biden, when you pull the lever on this fountain pen, it sprays an intoxicating hallucinative, capable of rendering you far more attractive to women 1/3 your age.

    Biden: Thanks Basil. Another one bites the dust, eh?

    Basil: MMMmmm. Yes, Sir. Indeed.

    (Later that evening)

    Miss D.C. I presume?

    The name's Biden...Joe Biden. Might I get an autograph? (Biden turns to the photographer with the lascivious leer of a child molestor)

  5. whats bidens cellie, i need a wingman this weekend

  6. She is beautiful and he was being a gentleman! Nice feel good story.