Saturday, January 5, 2013

Justin Amash's Wall and Red Silk Dresses

John Duncan emails:
Robert, saw your post re Rothbard on Amash's wall, here's all his pics:
Actually, the post was by Chris Rossini.  But for the record here is the wall of Justin Amash:

In the old television series Banacek (Banacek was played by George Peppard), he used to recite an "old polish proverb" in each episode. One of the proverbs was, "Just because a dress is red satin, doesn't mean the it comes off easily." 

I guess a modern day version of these proverbs would be, "Just because a Congressman has a picture of Murray Rothbard on the wall,  doesn't mean he won't raise your taxes."

Amash, of course, stated that he was against taking taxes off the negotiation table, during the fiscal cliff negotiations.  He argued it might help reduce the deficit.

Here's Rothbard on taxes versus the deficit (at 3:35).


  1. Everyone heard Mises and Rothbard.
    How come nobody heard Bill Still?
    Do you know gold is NOT money?
    Now if gold is money, then how come those interest-free Greenbacks issued by Abraham Lincoln worked so prosperously well, before the Bank of England came and took it all away?
    Do you know the Rothschilds own over 90% of world's total gold supply hidden away?
    Do you know the Rothschilds will run the gold price the way DeBeers run the diamond price?
    Buy gold because it is heavily manipulated, not because it is money.
    No, gold is not money and in the Bible it was prophesied that one day people will throw their gold away in disgust.

    1. Why the Greenbackers Are Wrong

      Historical Error #16: Lincoln Favored the Greenbacks Over Any Union Debt to Bankers.

    2. Oh you mean this guy? Sure. We've heard him. That's how we know he's full of crap.

    3. Ben Still? Simply put ......he is a GENUINE Crackpot! (note capitalized)

    4. I guess the crazies of the world have nothing better to do now that the world didn't end.

    5. >the bible people will throw their gold away in disgust.
      Before or after everyone throws their bible away in disgust?

  2. It's not just Menger and Rothbard on that wall. The other three pictures are of Mises, Hayek and Bastiat.

    1. Indeed, that he's got Menger on the wall is just STUNNING.

  3. Just because I have a picture on my dartboard, doesn't mean I like the guy.

    Just sayin'....

  4. Mises institute sells a photo pack of 10 photos of Austrian economists. I have that same Mises photo on my wall. I use the younger picture of Rothbard which also came in the set though. Reminds me once when I answered my door, wearing my Bastiat t-shirt, and my state assemblyman was there. He knew Bastiat and we talked about "The Law" for a bit.

  5. Ditto the other Michigan 'Ron Paul Republican'-

    "I'm really a Ronald Reagan Republican — I'm not really a Ron Paul person. I respect Ron Paul a great deal," said Bentivolio, who has libertarian leanings just like the retired Texas congressman who ran for president last year.

    From The Detroit News: