Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Life in the NY State Prison System

An alleged mafia member, Scott Fappiano, was arrested today in a mob-related waste carting industry shakedown scheme, according to NyPo. What I found most interesting about the story was NyPo's report on Fappiano's earlier stint in the NY state prison system:
Fappiano was just 23 years old when he was wrongly convicted of raping an NYPD officer’s wife and imprisoned after a trial in Brooklyn Supreme Court back in 1985. He spent two decades behind bars before he was exonerated through DNA evidence that cleared him of the sexual assault.

Last year at his sentencing on the mob loansharking extortion. Fappiano recounted some of the chilling ordeals he underwent during his years in jail.

While serving time in New York's state prison system, his face was crushed with a pipe, he was cut with a razor blade, and he was stabbed in the back with an icepick.

Once Fappiano saw a man burn to death in prison after being doused with gasoline and set afire.

To escape such dangers, Fappiano says he voluntarily spent eight years in solitary confinement.


  1. but, but... The inmates didn't have GUNS did they? Didn't that ensure his safety? And after all the GUARDS had PLENTY of guns. So he really was safe the whole time, just paranoid.

  2. This puts the whole "grrr they get color TV" thing in perspective.

    1. lol, yes. They kill each other over what to watch

  3. Anyone that's seen the youtube/raw footage of "booty warrior" fleece johnson can start to see the depths of depravity involved with incarceration:

    Even more interesting though, "The Boondocks" did an actual story line based on Booty Warrior that is quite entertaining, and also quite damning on the prison industrial complex:

    If you jump to 7:30 in above video, you get a hell of a great rundown on it with some elements of comedy.

    1. Boondocks is second only to South Park for incisive and damning commentary.

      I'll never forget the South Park episode that aired 4 days- yes, for freaking DAYS- after Elian Gonzales was kidnapped and "returned" to Cuba. It had Janet Reno as the Easter Bunny and her goons attacking Stan's family for harboring fugitives from "Communiststan" (or something) and her minions "liberating" them so they could be retuned to their "socialist paradise".

      Stone and Parker deserved the Pulitzer and Emmy for that one.

  4. When a friend of mine was arrested for pot in Greenville, SC, after he couldn't make bail, they put him in a room with 85 other guys. He got beat up just for using the wrong toilet. It was a brand new prison. He would call collect, and cry the whole time we talked. The state is pure EVIL.