Thursday, January 3, 2013

McConnell: I Raised Taxes So Taxes Wouldn't Be Raised

In one of the most absurd op-eds I have ever read, Jesse Benton's new boss, Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY), writes at Yahoo:
Earlier this week, I helped negotiate an imperfect solution aimed at avoiding the so-called “fiscal cliff.” If I had my way taxes would not have gone up on anyone, but the unavoidable fact was this if we had sat back and done nothing taxes would have gone up dramatically on every single American, and I simply couldn’t allow that to happen.
He then in misleading fashion says:
 Yet now that the President has gotten his long-sought tax hike on the “rich,” we can finally turn squarely toward the real problem, which is spending.
Yes, the rich will be taxed, except for the crony rich, which includes Hollywood and Goldman Sachs, but more than 50% of the revenue generated from the bill will be because of an increase in the payroll tax by 2%--a tax that will impact nearly every paycheck earner.

He then suggests that the tax hikes are over:
Predictably, the President is already claiming that his tax hike on the “rich” isn’t enough. I have news for him: the moment that he and virtually every elected Democrat in Washington signed off on the terms of the current arrangement, it was the last word on taxes. That debate is over. Now the conversation turns to cutting spending on the government programs that are the real source of the nation’s fiscal imbalance. And the upcoming debate on the debt limit is the perfect time to have that discussion. 
This is a lie. House Speaker John Boehner is already talking about "tax reform," as part of the debt ceiling negotiations. "Tax reform" is always about higher taxes. Further, it's doubtful there will be any real tax cuts. In Congress, a tax "cut" is a decrease in a proposed increase. It's all a scam by very dishonest men, led by congressmen like McConnell.

(ht John Duncan)


  1. Political reform is a myth. There are simply too many vested interests of crony insiders intent on having their cake (spending) and eating it too (making us foot the bill). They are all connected and the common man is not. Whatever they do it will result in increased taxes and increased spending. And they will sell it to us with whatever lie serves the purpose.

    Spending is in many ways locked in with legacy costs, the welfare state, union contracts, pensions and the warfare state. It is not going down anytime soon. This is good because a piecemeal approach cannot work. What we need, and what we will get is a chance to end all the mess at once.

    The answer is the glorious jubilee of a total collapse. Will there be tumults, rioting and bloodshed? Sure but that will also be the case if there is any attempt at "austerity". With a collapse all those legacy costs, the entire national debt and the monstrous system will vanish faster than you can say Gorbachev. In 1989 it happened so fast that they didn't even know what to call their Olympic team and all they were left with was "the former USSR".

    We will all be handed a fresh start. There will still be 50 independent States when the Federal gov't and fiat money cartel collapses. After a period of less than one year an operative system will arise out of necessity. Several states will band together with very different flavors. The New England states will likely join together, "Dixie" will likely coalesce possibly without VA. The mountain states of Montana, Wyoming, the Dakotas, Utah, Idaho and Nevada will pursue their anti-federalist kindredness. Somehow Colorado will join CA, OR, and WA despite not being contiguous. The rust belt will join together. New England will try to dominate but will lack the economic strength to do so.

    The mountain states and Dixie will have a loose alliance based upon their mutual hatred of "the former order" wherein the mountain states will have access to the gulf and Dixie will have more strength to maintain its severance from the perpetually domineering New England "Yankees". IL, KS, NB, and possibly MO will ally and get to the sea via the St. Laurence along the old routes. Chicago will still be the place of commodity trading and Dixie will be forced to establish their own, possibly in St. Louis if MO remain in Dixie or another city on the Missisippi such as Memphis.

    All the speculation about how or who will ally with each other is just that, speculation. The important part is that we are prepared to maximize the jubilee and fight attempts to re-ensnare us in political forms controlled by "the old gang" however veiled. We must resist philosophically and holistically. It is our present job to educate, educate, educate before this so we are not fodder for those who propose forms similar to what we now have. We must reject any and all income tax schemes. We must have commodity backed money. We must resist centralization and insist on full and OPERATIVE state independence apart from whatever alliances are formed.

    Prepare for jubilee and prepare to be among the main voices heard when it is time to rebuild. And there is no better way to be among the leading voices when the time comes than to be among those who predicted the failure of the old (now present) order. We must raise our voices now so we can say "I told you so and I told you why" later. We must be able to be heard above the remnant of statists and say "Why trust them? They were wrong on every front and they lied to you constantly."

    Our time it at hand. Prepare to thrust the philosophical dagger into the corpse of the current totalitarian order. Be vigilant in mind and spirit. Most of all know the signs of the times and be prepared to seize the day.

    Viva La Collapse!

  2. Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) seems to have learned from George Bush who made the dumbest comment of his presidency when he said "I abandoned Free Market principles to save the Free Market..." This was his comment on passing TARP which was the biggest mistake of his life.

    gcdugas is exactly correct when he talks about Congressional Tax Cuts. At best they are only slight reductions to proposed tax hikes and at worst they are downright lies. Congress has NEVER given back any money they get & they spend it like Drunken Sailors on their first liberty in 5 years (with apologies to the navy; it's a long used adjective)