Thursday, January 31, 2013

Murray Rothbard on a Debating Tactic to Use Against Post-Scarcity Types


  1. food, water, energy supplies, everything is getting scarce.

    recently there was a report that due to overpopulation, India and China are running out of ground water to irrigate.

    NWO propaganda wants 3rd world to breed ad infinitum. and impose carbon tax to loot western countries.

    thats what Kissinger-rockefeller NWO globalism wants.

    less white people. more 3rd world.

  2. @kumar

    "everything" is NOT "getting" scarce. Everything *is* scarce.

    Also, "overpopulation" is a farce.

    1. Only scarce (rivalrous) things are scarce. Not "everything" is scarce. Information is not rivalrous, for example. This is uncontroversial.

    2. No, every "thing" is not scare (rivalrous). ONly scarce things are scarce. Nonscarce things are not. Like information patters. This is uncontroversial.

    3. " Information is not rivalrous."

      I'll have a different view on this when we debate. Do you realize there are spies sitting in jails because of the information they passed out?

      That, in the non-government sector, people have been killed to prevent them from leaking information?

      That some corporations attempt to grab the trade secrets of their competitors?

      I see lots of rivalry, do you not?

    4. asia and africa cannot keep on multiplying on a planet that is not growing.

      biggest polluters (not the CO2 nonsense) creating particulate matter are in Asia, and china leads them.

      that is mostly due to overpopulation.

      at the same time there is underpopulation/aging crisis in europe and america.

      you can have your opinion, but not your facts.

    5. In order to identify overpopulation one must identify a normal population. Please tell us what calculations and methods you used to identify what a normal population should be.

  3. "That some corporations attempt to grab the trade secrets of their competitors?"

    Absolutely, I know this first hand in my business. In fact, most of my profitable work is based on secret know how.

    My employees/partners know it too, and I've been able to keep it secret from my competitors. Steve Jobs understood this well and was brutal about enforcing his viewpoints on secrecy to maintain a competitive lead over his rivals. All it took was the loss of a graphic GUI to learn that lesson......